Tiler Durham | Durham Tilers | Wall and Floor Tilers in Durham

Tiler Durham | Durham Tilers | Wall and Floor Tilers in Durham

Tiler Durham – Durham Tilers, David Howe Tiling has 25 Years Experience in Wall and Floor Tiling. He’s your Tiler Durham.

Tiler Durham | Durham Tilers - Wall and Floor Tilers in Durham
Tiler Durham | Durham Tilers – This is a simple kitchen floor in natural stone tiles.

Tiler Durham | Durham Tilers – Find out why David Howe Tiling is the tiler to choose for Durham

David Howe Tiling is your Tiler Durham. He’s got more than 25 years wall and floor tiling experience based in and around County Durham, including (but not limited to) Durham | Newton Aycliffe | Darlington – County Durham.

Newton Aycliffe Tilers

Newton Aycliffe Tile Shops

We will install tile bought from pretty much any tile shop in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, Darlington and in general in County Durham, or even further afield. Providing the tile shop has been around longer than the guarantees of their products. A tile shop that opened yesterday in Newton Aycliffe doesn’t have much stead on even a 12 month guarantee on their tile stock.

100% of our Trade Discount on Tiles and Tile Adhesives We Pass On To You

We pass on all of our trade discount for tiles on to our customers. Some tilers will keep this to themselves, it is theirs after all (can’t argue with their choice) but as we explain on our About Page, our business model is a bit different and we don’t want to buy and sell tiles ourselves, which is what happens when you choose a tile, but then we buy it at trade price and sell it to you at retail price.

We would then need to be VAT registered as we would hit the annual turnover limit, and that means our hourly rate for labour would increase by 20% – and domestic customers can’t claim that back, obviously that’s for commercial customers only and we tend to stick to domestics where we can.

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Tile Shops and Tiles in Newton Aycliffe

  • CTD Darlington – We have trade accounts here and often tile with these ones.
  • We are adding to this list, don’t worry.

Plumbers Merchants and DIY Shops in Newton Aycliffe

  • We are adding to this list shortly.

Types of Tiling Services Offered in Newton Aycliffe

Large Format Tiles

We don’t really have a limit to the type of tiling we provide. There are some XXL Tiles (or Large Format Tiles) which are over 2 meters (2m) in length that require two pairs of hands to carry a single tile that’s already cut. They also require specialist cutting equipment that is usually used for glass.

There are also XL Tiles which can be installed by just the one tiler, and that’s the run of the mill stuff for us these days with some people. Give us a shout if you are looking to have extra large wall or floor tiles installed in or around Newton Aycliffe. We’d be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Stone Tiles, Slate Tiles, Marble Tiles, Granite Tiles and Natural Stone Tiles for Internal or External Use

We tile with a lot of natural stones and marbles from time to time. Various shades and thicknesses and tiling styles come in and out of fashion all the time. We’ve seen quite a lot over the past 25+ years tiling. And we love tiling with all these types of natural tiles. They’re usually always heavy, so especially when considering the weight of dry/cured adhesive and grout, if tiling stone tiles to walls, there needs to be adequate preparation. Which we can of course provide.

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