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David Howe Tiling a tiler in County Durham  and with over 25+ yrs of tiling experience. David Howe himself is the main tiler in the company and can call on other local professional tradesmen as required for full bathroom installs and larger projects that require more tiling man hours.

Time Served Wall and Floor Tiler

David Howe of David Howe Tiling is classed as a time-served wall and floor tiler. Which means that experience-related gains over a long period of time trump all previous (City and Guilds in Wall and Floor Tiling) and current (Wall and Floor Tiling NVQ Level 2) education related grades and qualifications.

The grades would be ‘Grandfathered in’ should David Howe require a Wall and Floor Tiling CSCS Card for on-site work, due to the large amount of time spent wall and floor tiling, over the past 25 years. Superseding qualifications with pure skill and experience, which is recognised by all governing bodies in the construction industry right across the UK, and even around Europe and the rest of the World.

David Howe Tiling Established 1996

David Howe Tiling is a Tiler in Newton Aycliffe and a family run business established in 1996 with over 25 years in the tiling profession. David himself is the main tiler in the company and can call on other professional tilers as and when required for the larger projects. David can arrange more than just tiling for your projects, but primarily keeps his own work to what he does best, wall and floor tiling.

So if you want to replace the whole bathroom etc, consider using David and his contacts to ensure a smooth project throughout.

David  works with all types of stone tiles and ceramics and porcelain tiles and David can pass on discounts he gets from local tile stores to his customers and David feels this is giving the customer something back for using David to tile their project.

Passing on the discounts

We pass 100% of this discount onto our customers which often makes our already competitive prices very attractive to our customers.

Professional Wall and Floor Tilers, like all professional trades, will often receive ‘trade prices’ with wholesalers and suppliers, in our case tile suppliers and tile shops. They then supply tiles and adhesives to the customer at retail price or a bit less, and then buy them at the trade discounted price, keeping the little bit of profit between the two prices.

David Howe Tiling passes on 100% of the discount to the customer in all cases.

We do this to ensure our annual turnover is below the VAT threshold. And to also provide an added layer of discounting to our customers.

This is something that is important to our domestic customers because we don’t then add VAT on to our labour prices. As customers can’t claim this VAT back, it again provides our high end quality and service at low end pricing structures that are competitive.

If we added 20% VAT onto our tile and adhesive supplying price, to then claim VAT back from our suppliers, and charge VAT to our customers on the supply of goods, that would work out about fair and nobody would really see a difference in price compared to a customer buying the tiles themselves. But then there would be a 20% increase in labour costs which the customer would pay, and that would make us not competitive for domestic work. (Although perhaps more competitive for commercial work – but that’s information for another day/blog.)

We know this sounds confusing but the math works out. We’ve been doing this for a long time now. We find our business model works out best for the customer, and best for us, if we just pass the customer onto our suppliers directly to buy the goods themselves using our trade accounts and trade prices.

Note that we can only do this for our own customers, and for jobs we are carrying out. We cannot supply tiles or tile adhesives for jobs other tilers are carrying out. Or DIY are carrying out. This would break the contract we have with our tile suppliers and end we would end up losing our valuable reputation within the tile industry.

Add Value To Your Property

Right now (February 2021) interest rates are very low. This happens every now and again due to a multitude of reasons, current because of the pandemic, to encourage spending. This means if you want to add value to your property, the money is probably best spent on extensions, upgrading your kitchen and / or bathroom, (which by the way if you’re selling your property are the best two areas to spend money on for a quick sale and to encourage competition and increased bidding and interest in your property) than sitting in your savings account.

If you’re considering remortgaging your property to release equity then please do speak to a professional independent financial advisor (not just your bank who has an invested interest in your mortgage) rather than taking our word for it. We’re really best at wall and floor tiling rather than financial advice.

That said, time and time again we understand customers have added a conservatory for say 10,000 GBP to increase their property value estimation by 12,000 – 14,000 GBP. (Just an example there, once again seek professional financial advice rather than take our word for it, but this is how it generally works, we understand.)

Back to the Tiling Stuff – Our Reputation

All of our customers refer us more customers and we understand that we need this referral system to keep our business thriving. Therefore every job that we do we ensure at every stage of the job we’re including the home owner / contract manager and informing them of the decision-making options, should there be any.

David Howe Tiling
Tiler in County Durham, including Durham, Darlington and Newton Aycliffe

David Howe Tiling – Tiler in County Durham | Read our reviews

David Howe Tiling provide professional wall and floor tiling services in County Durham. Tiling services provided in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, Darlington and surrounding areas in County Durham.

With more than 25 years in the tile industry we have many customers who are more than happy to provide written testimonials to you upon request, which we can provide to you once we have provided a free consultation regarding the tiling work you require.

That said, we have plenty of tiling testimonials sent in which we have published on our website for you to browse through.


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