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The only limit is your imagination. Oh, and whether the surface you want tiling to has been prepared properly.

Tiling Weight Per Square Meter

Tiles are heavy, and when you consider the factor of the weight of tiles including tile adhesive and grout, each square meter of total tiling can carry weights from between 10kg to 50kg +. On floors that isn’t much of a problem, but on walls that then becomes a factor in the structure of the wall.

Do Not Plaster Walls for Tiling – Plasterboard Alone is Stronger

What often surprises homeowners is the fact that when stud walls are created (plasterboard over a wooden frame) you actually lower the amount of weight per square meter when you then plaster over the plasterboard, rather than leaving the plasterboard as is, and tiling directly to it.

The layer of plaster that is added doesn’t bond the plasterboard together or strengthen it, but actually adds a weaker layer to the wall which then means you can only tile to a total (including the weight of the dried tile adhesive and grout) of around 20kg per square meter, when plasterboard alone can be tiled to a total of around 32kg per square meter.

Plaster and Cement Do Not Mix – Acrylic Primer is Required

When cement is applied to plaster there is a microscopic molecular happening that causes the debonding of the two materials.

This is seen with the naked eye as tiles debonding from plastered walls in kitchens and bathrooms.

The DIY arena is littered with homeowners assuming as the tiles they’ve fitted to walls are flat and square and true, they’ve done a good job. Often they have, but a lot of the time they’ve used products that don’t mix – and education and literature around this can’t be found in DIY sheds. They wouldn’t want to put you off buying all the products, and certainly don’t want to prolong the life of your bathroom meaning you might not be coming back as often to re-tile.

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David Howe Tiling provide professional wall and floor tiling services in County Durham. Tiling services provided in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, Darlington and surrounding areas in County Durham.

With more than 25 years in the tile industry we have many customers who are more than happy to provide written testimonials to you upon request, which we can provide to you once we have provided a free consultation regarding the tiling work you require.

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