Choosing the correct tile fixer.

The Tile Association publishes a guide to DIY tile fixing, it strongly advises consumers to have their tiles fixed professionally. Professional tiling will give the finishing touch to a well designed kitchen and make a beautiful bathroom truly stunning.
Most people wouldn’t service their own car, cut their own hair or educate their own children – so why tile their own bathroom? If they work out how long it will take, how much per hour they earn and how much their house is worth it really doesn’t make sense.
When recommending a tile fixer, remember: a plumber isn’t a tiler, a plasterer isn’t a tiler and a kitchen fitter isn’t a tiler. The Tile Association recommends that all tile fixing work is carried out in accordance with the British Standard code of practice for wall and floor tiling, BS5385.
The Tile Association doesn’t just accept anyone into their ranks. Every business wishing to join has its financial health and company reputation checked out. Fixers and tiling contractors will need to provide customer references and some projects may be inspected.
Finish the job properly – choose a tile fixer who is a member of The Tile Association.

David Howe Tiling is pleased to say that he is a Tile Association member , so choose wisley and choose a tile Association member like David Howe Tiling.
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